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— by eightfold eightfold
I am sorry if it was unclear.  If you click on this link   a web page should appear near the top of the page are two horizontal grey bars-under the one on the right the list says Collective Bargaining--click that----then another page will appear, on that page on the top left is a blank search bar type in UBC and search it will then come up with a list of the contracts. Scroll through them until you find the one you are looking for or at least something helpful. Since many of the aggreements are being negotiated now or soon-the list has many dated 2006--2003-and 2001. I hope if they are not exactly what you are looking for that they are at least helpful. Aslo if it doesn't come up on that search they are very helpful if you contact them. I have only contacted them in person or by phone, but surely they will have CONTACT button to click on the Home Page.