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— by Laughing all the way Laughing all the way
Victory for UBC Carpenters Against McCarrons raiding the IBEW and member free speech within the UBC. Southern Federal District Court in Illinois has issued a permanent injunction against the UBC abusing those that speak out against the raiding of the IBEW in St.Louis.
   As you know Kevin Price spoke out in opposition to McCarrons raiding the IBEW in St.Louis and the formation of Local 57. Brother Price also, had an anti local57 sticker on his car. An EST Terry Nelson UBC goon told Price to remove the sticker and stop his opposition to the UBC raiding policy in St.Louis. Brother Price refused .The UBC charged him and threatened him with trial. Brother Price filed for and received a temporary injunction stopping the UBC persecution.
   The UBC has lost on all counts.The Judge has issued a permanent injunction against the UBC.
1.UBC must drop all charges against Price and may NOT bring him to trial for opposing local57
2.The UBC may not file charges against any member who displays an anti local57 sticker or publicly opposes the Carpenters Electricians Local57 and raiding
3. Any member previously charged and convicted by the UBC for opposing local57 must have the decision overturned and any fines imposed returned
4.the UBC may NOT retaliate against any member who opposes local57
 This is a victory for Union men and Women who oppose McCarron and his raiding policy. It is a victory for all UBC members right to free speech and the right to speak out and take action in opposition to McCarron and his policy's.This is a victory for all Union labors right to agitate against unjust practices and oppressive regimes such as the McCarron UBC..Three Cheers for Brother Price