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Carpenters' Committee for Democracy and Worker's Right Form
— by Tomas Pain Tomas Pain
Carpenters' Committee for Democracy and Worker's Right

1. We want a corruption free union
    a.  Immediately remove all officers and employees of the District Council and the affiliated Locals who are guilty of corruption.

2. We want a free and democratic union run by the membership.
    a. End the trusteeship at the earliest possible date the court will allow.
    b. Direct election of all officers and leadership.
    c. Secret mail-in ballot for all elections.
    d. Elections run by outside neutral organization, American Arbitration Association

3. We want a strong and powerful union that can protect men and women.
    a. Membership must vote to ratify all collective bargaining agreements.
    b. Unionize the entire industry - All work in our jurisdiction to be union.
    c. A union structure that makes sense, protects democracy and promotes accountability to the  membership.

4. We want the voice of the membership to be heard in court.
    a. Representation to speak to the judge about the future structure of the union, the rules for the election   and the timing for lifting trusteeship.

5. The time to organize ourselves is now, Join the Carpenters' Committee: