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— by John Musumeci John Musumeci
I want to thank all of you for sharing your views in this free and open exchange of information, ideas and opinions. I know sometimes the language can get colorful, but I find the discussion fascinating and very interesting.

I added this forum to the blog in the beginning of the year so we can have a place to be heard and empower ourselves. All of you are contributing great content to this site and making it very popular.

Of course I am not a lawyer, but following the discussion and reading the decision by the Court, I am of the opinion that the Court made a bad decision and find myself in agreement with Ted and the dissenting judge.

If and when, (they may never) The United States Supreme Court ever gets involved with this case I believe they would overturn the appellate Courts decision.

I also agree with Anon that where New York City is concerned, Dennis Walsh "has all the powers of the Secretary of Labor in regards to whether we should have democratic elections and whether or not the Council is an intermediate body with respect to the LMRDA."

As Walsh said in his first report, "local unions have been fiefdoms for corruption and serve no purpose in the context of the full-service District Council." He said he will be "interested to see the theory underpinning any argument that the District Council still functions as an intermediate body as originally contemplated by Congress."

Again thank you and keep up the great conversation.