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On Derrrico sustaining locals don't have power
--He wants this for McCarron so don't cite anything he says.

I have also corresponded with him on Conboys submissons to the courts and have forwarded Herman Bensons article on locals and their lack of any powers.
--Because people agree McCarron has "devisively stripped" them of power doesn't mean its acceptable or right.

it was in essence a case which revolved around whether or not the courts could intervene
---Wrong it was a case bought & paid for w/lobbying $$

I simply state this as in all matters I believe that you should be aware of what it is that you are using to bolster an argument.
--I am aware of the clout involved in permitting the constant return of the issue via multiple SSr's. No one gets three bites at the apple, unless...........

What is very encouraging is that Mr. Walsh seems to be of the opinion that the locals do not meet the criteria needed to be considered as labor organizations
---Not encouraging at all anon, that he agrees with McCarrons bought & paid for fiefdom vision.

Give McCarron what he wants now, he'll raise your working dues assesments, cut your pay, sacrifice your work rules further eroding your collective bargaining rights. And finally you will not have a representive democracy when appointed delegates alone vote for council positions