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the context of the full-service District Council.

Full service council = a KINGDOM. A bad idea.

I will be interested to see the theory underpinning any argument that the District Council still functions as an intermediate body as originally contemplated by Congress.

Of Course it doesn't.

Only reason a council no longer acts as an intermediary is that crooked delegates all over the country were unleashed as paid employees to sneak the constitutional & by law changes & ramrod this down
un-informed throats. Thats what I have trouble with. How was that accomplished by keeping you in the dark anon, and your ready to surrender.

Its not so much that we've got to live with the results of Chao argument, but that by hook OR CROOK as was ther case here the US Gov't's rebuttal was bought & paid for.

Let that go unaddressed you've already lost the war !