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 the next Mike Forde will take your money and suck it up his nose, and destroy this union.  

Don't matter if he sticks it up his nose or his ass, they're planning on taking it no matter where it goes.
None of us are waiting for the next MJF, and simply ending the supervision and praying for a fantastic result from elections aint the way to go about it either.

McCarron knows only one thing, - the millions he's spending on lawyers.
Do you know about his history with lawyers from 1992 that he has with him now.
Do you know Decarlo Connor & Shanley are nationwide for the UBC.
He aint bringing the battle to you, he's waiting for us to come to him.

Electing Billelo or whoever else runs is not the only answer. You have to go to his field & play if you want a fighting chance.