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— by Ted Ted
Posting the State Law is good info, however, Federal Labor Law pre-empts State Law, thus trumping it, or over-ruling it..........

The NLRB BOARD wrote the Decision & Order (D & O) specifically quoted:

"the payment of assessments may under no circumstance constitute a condition of employment",....

Fairly straight foward & easy to comprehend on its says what it says & and it means what it means.

Just because your Union Officials & their counterparts on the Employer or Association side write illegal shit into contracts (CBA's) does not make it so, nor does the offering of the UBC's standard catch-all "Savings Claues or Severability Clause" at the end of the Articles in typical UBC CBA's save them from this construction.

The NLRB Board & Sup. Ct. have duly noted that bot the savings clause & the severability have to be directly tied to the specific provision of the contract so that the average man knows for sure whihc portions their qualification applies to in the tossing a catch all in the mix does not legitimize or negate their clear intent to put forth & write ILLEGAL CONTRACT LANGUAGE into the CBA.

The UBC & the Councils & Employer Associations since the McCarron Regime started have regularly employed these illegal tactics & fraudulent contract language to extract "assessments and fees" to wit, they are not entitled to under Federal Labor Law.

They do it, because people like you will readily parrot state law which seems to allow does not!

Look at your pay stub, see all the illegal deducts....that's food from your table & money being taken from your family.

Every aspect wherein your "assessments" are illegally collected, what are they used for other than to set up a make work program for cronies who are accountable to no one, who produce little to nothing of value to the rank & file. When they nickel & dime you and quarter you to death with these hourly assessments and you add up the total man-hours per year (16-25 million) , at the end of the day, that's some serious dough to which they are not entitled to receive....untold millions being raped from rank & file pay-checks.

Oh wait, I forgot, there is usually the "assessment" sponsored yearly golf tournament somewhere, again to justify their do-nothing jobs. newsflash, you can sponsor your own golf tourney through the locals, which many do.

You can challenge them on this or go along with the staus-quo, your choice!

"the payment of assessments".....of what? assessments...."under no circumstance"....under what? circumstance....."may constitute a condition of employment"

Pretty simple, yet powerful staement by the NLRB Board - it should be followed & enforced....why you ask.....your net pay would increase & you should be all for that