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— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
ZZZzzzzzzz Same old Pat the Rat BS. Face it.Your an insignificant little twit who matters to no one but you. I can see why you not in Ireland anymore. I am sure the Galway jackoff police ran you out of the country.
Now on a serious note. Have you ever been up to Cong and walked the river from the village up to Lough Corrib. Fish the size of your Arm.I was told the hatchery is near or in Cong.

Ashford Castle Gardens you have to sneak into(if you can) because even the tourist cant even afford to stay there but glorious none the less.

English Market in Cork for Greek Olives. The Cork Opera House. 2 Two Seats Front Row for Van the Man for 12 euro(1996).Brilliant

Road Bowling on the Mallow Rd up Dublin Hill Northside of Cork on Saturdays

Pissed Horse and Carts around Blarney and White Church on Sundays till half 11

Limerick on St. Patricks day with the Locals laughing at the Stupid Yanks drinking green beer.

And the Best for Last. Fish Dinners with peas on my chips at Annie Lennoxs on Barrack St in Cork.Best in Ireland. A Lennox dinner and four. No Five. no Six Guinness equals one of the worst s.... youll ever take.

It was a sad day when someone said you were Irish