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Ok. Thank you 608 Steward. I just wanted to be sure that he knows I respect what he is doing and to my knowledge have not been disrespectful or critical of his actions or opinions.

 For the Record .I am not threatening Little Patty Nee. It appears the UBC is concerned that he will not be so effective, if by being out in the open and having to answer for his actions and words, he has to stop being a loud mouth prick. I have no premeditated plans to beat his ass. That is not to say that if he ever stands before me in person and starts acting like a punk I will not make him piss himself and spit om him.The point I am making is that now that he is not anonymous he has changed his posts and punk ass attitude. I have said all along that he has a vagina and if not belong able to hide behind his keyboard would not have the balls to be the abusive prick he has been since he got here.Its to late little man you have made you bed now lie in it.