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— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
Pat Nee. I have already given you these answers five times and all you do is continue to ask me to repost the same information which you refuse to accept and continue to try to discredit. Your a waste of my time. Walshs dissolve the locals rant is in the first report he published.But you already know that.

To all the others Lawyer. Lawyer. Lawyer. Injunction Injunction Injunction. I cannot say it enough.The only way your going to beat the UBC rat bastards is to take the issue outside the power of their kangaroo trial committees and their BS toilet paper bylaws.Despite Pat the Rat trying to convince you never to go that route and beat his UBC buddies it has proven to be effective and the UBC will lose.
 Pat Nee.It is amazing that now that I have your name and address your not running your mouth and calling me names.To late little man.

Donny Arana I dont believe I have ever been critical of your posts.