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Union Propaganda Review

 Charles Lezette who could care less about the working member has proven his ignorance again for the membership. He has insinuated that at his request the Empire Council ,which Lezette refers to as HIS organization, has donated money to a propaganda site called Union Review. I hate to break it to Lezette but his organization is Carpenters Local 370. If the Empire Council is HIS organization then we would hope he seeks office with them and stays away from the members at Local 370 he works so hard to screw.

  As a member of Local 370 I object to the Empire Council throwing away more of our stolen wages to support propaganda sites such as the one created by Richard Negri. I would also request Negri return the fleeced wages to the members of Local 370. The membership has had $1.60 in wages stolen in 2007 alone to pay for garbage like this as well as trips to the Yacht Clubs and Casinos. If Chuck Lezette and Richard Negri want to make themselves legends in their own mind by creating web sites to blow their own horn then let the two clowns pay for it out of their own pocket. The working member has enough bills to pay for without these two begging for donations to promote their private agenda.

  Perhaps the Empire Council can explain how the Union Review web site which supports raiding other Unions with Ron Taylor and  PATCO, is represented by such reprehensible people like Charles Lezette( "I am sick of the members having an opinion" and "I am a Hicks man") and is delusional to the point that its creator thinks he is the new labor messiah benefits the Local 370 member. How does the Empire Council justify a donation to such propaganda fools.  While Lezette was writing letters to solicit donations for Negri one has to ask if he wrote any letters soliciting money for the working 370 member. Instead of asking the Empire Council to donate money to finance propaganda web sites Lezette might ask the Council to buy the working member some gas or groceries. How about we take the money the Council pissed away to Negri and start a supplemental unemployment fund for the laid off Carpenter.

   I hope the members of Local 370 will remember this fine example of Charles Lezette promoting himself at the expense of the 370 member at election time. If this is indeed true than it should be further evidence of the ignorance  of those who have demanded they need to think for the 370 member. Wake up brothers. Until you act to take back your local idiots like this will be allowed to piss away more of your hard earned wages. Read Union Review for yourself. You already know who Charles Lezette is. Remember that Negri promotes the person(Lezette) who works to screw the Local 370 member and promotes the corruption in Local 370. I would hope after seeing for yourself you would tell Lezette to stick his Union Review stickers. I find it insulting that the Lezette and Negri think the members of Local 370 would be fooled by pretenders. I would ask the members of Locall 370 to write the Empire Council and demand the return of our funds from Negri. I would also suggest the members express their indignation that the Council would donate money at the request of porpagandists like Lezette.