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— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
Donny Arana. Great motion. Was it seconded and voted on??. The UBC Constitution allows the Councils to negotiate the contracts and the rank and file can only ratify if the Councils LET THEM. Spencer and his rats will claim the right to negotiate due to their control of the Council in Trusteeship.
 Are you beat. No. There are two ways for you to beat Spencer and only two people who can override the UBC Toilet Paper. Walsh and a Judge. My opinion is to take the demand for removing Spencer and hiss cronies to Walsh in a petition signed by multiple members.You have plenty of evidence to prove Spencer and McPussy have cheated the members., have supported and facilitated the corruption and have not acted in good faith for the rights of the rank and file. Spencer has also illegally withheld raises and violated an exiting contract. How can Walsh not comply and remove him. He will not because it seems Ballantyne is his chosen UBC cronie. I do not believe he will remove him or take away his power. It does not suit Walshs agenda. Just like he ignored the illegal dissolving of 608 because his agenda supports dissolving the locals.
   So whats next. INJUNCTION.INJUNCTION INJUNCTION. Follow Biellos lead and present the same evidence to a judge and bury Spencer. Make your same demands and seek your relief from a Judge just as Biello did.You can probably get his lawyer to file it.The proof is there on McPussy and Spencer. The evidence of the members being aggrieved by their actions is there. They have lost with Price and Biello and now the UBC will lose with you.File it.
      As far as meeting me I hope you will on April 13th if I may attend your rally.