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 "If 157 is to pledge money for Lawyers it should be to separate itself from the Council control and restore the rights and power of the rank and file and the duly elected local Officers."

Rich, This hits home w/a core interpretation that a select group has realized since our local started renting space from the Council. A local can not/ must not be in lock step with a council and this is nothing but a result of DC paid employees running the locals.

News Flash, some of the very same persons who were pro Derrico slate after the 157 trusteeship are only now ( why is that ? ) caught up with the crowd that never recognized Derrico's team in the first place.  Once they sided with everything Derrico and the rest of the bozo's put out. Its the most powerful singularly stated reason Derrico & the previous eboard was able to hold on as long as they did. For many years they aided the eboard in putting down debate & quashing any good of the order issues which went against the 157 leadership & the pro McCarron agenda. The eboard has been running that shell game for going on 15 -20 years now.

I state that these previously pro Hanley & Derrico slates are only now dead set against Puglieses rants and the smug Rambo attitudes at this point and there is a simple reason for this.
Crooked eboard members can't get them illicit work anymore, - thats why.
L. Derrico we've got the proof you were handing out jobs/. P. Caperso & Puggy you also.

Let me be clear about this Pugliese, you took that microphone from Derrico and entered the twilight zone when you stated the work list houses incompetent carpenters and thats why the contractors want to pick & choose who they want working for them. You put your own head on the chopping block this past Monday evening when you grouped us competent carpenters into that statement.

That flickering light in the corner of your eye was your carrer dissipation signal and due to that yelling & angered nonesense you were belittling us competent carps with, - means it just went into high gear