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— by Donny Arana Donny Arana
To Richard Dorrough:  I like your points and the way you say it. It would be a pleasure to have you at 157 meetings or a chance to meet you. I made a motion last night. I had a hard time wording it because I came up with as I said it.  The motion pretty much was that contract negotiations should be suspended as per - McCarron, Spencer and Ballantyne should not be negotiating for us.  We should work under existing contact until we are able to have elections for Est, Pres and VP to the NYCDCC. And an open election for Delegates to the NYCDCC.  Therefore, releaving us of the supervision of the UBC allowing our elected officials to start negotiating our contract.  I also urged our 157 members to communicate this to any friends of any other constituent locals to the NYCDC to make this motion at their local meetings.  What's your opinion on this?  Thanks. Donny Arana