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— by RichardDorrough RichardDorrough
Dear Pat the Rat,
Stick your mission to discredit and dissolve our locals up your ass. Social club this.Your only mission is to pave the way for McPussy and his cronies intentions to dissolve locals. Nobody gives a rats ass what your opinions on the status of our Locals are. Stick your UBC propaganda up your ass. The only opinion worth less than yours is Derrico's and your holding it up as if it means something."Derrico admitted that local 157 is a social club, not a labor organization" Who gives a shit. Between the two of you the IQ level is about a 6.
     Your theory to give up our locals to the control of some rat council scum is pure delusion. The council system is a complete failure and in the case of NYC and the Empire Council completely corrupted. You have offered nothing to prove the council system can be anything other than the failure and corrupt festering blight on the UBC that it is and has been .Yet you spew your "social club" and "Labor Organization" bullshit and insist we give up and not fight to restore our locals and hand ourselves over for further corruption. We should just continue to give control of our rights and Locals to the same scum and corruption that has existed for the last 25 years.What hypocritical pricks to have declared that 608 had to be dissolved because it was corrupt and they are handing control of 608 over to the NYC District Council and UBC International.Handing the so called "Corrupt" Local over to two organizations who are so corrupt they make the mob look like boys scouts. What a great idea that is.What hypocritical scum, such as the NY Council who have watched Forde and most of its entire leadership sent to prison or accused of corruption, to have declared 608 corrupt when they are the very essence of corruption. What hypocritical scum, such as McCarron,Spencer and the UBC, to declare 608 corrupt when it was and is with Spencer and McCarrons approval and support that the corruption took place. It is with Spencer and McCarrons continued support that the corruption continues to this day. Yes . Sir. Lets give up our social clubs to these rat bastards.
     Get the message little man. Nobody gives a shit what your opinion on the locals is and spewing the same crap does not make it true. Now you hold the corrupt Forde holdover Derrcio"s declaration on "Social Clubs" up as if it means anything and confirms your own BS.
   ALL THE RANK AND FILE need to fight to restore our locals and NEVER concede to giving them up. If 157 is to pledge money for Lawyers it should be to separate itself from the Council control and restore the rights and power of the rank and file and the duly elected local Officers.McPussy has made move after move to consolidate power and funds while destroying locals and members who expose him and Spencer for the rat bastards they are. Look around at the destruction of the UBC and you would have us give ourselves over even further with no fight.You offer nothing to show the council corruption has ended or will ever end. Neither does Mr.Walsh in his "dissolve the locals" rant.You offer nothing to show the councils can ever be a viable choice yet you spew your "the locals are worthless give yourself to a council" BS.
    Despite your refusals to accept it we are not in the same boat as the other locals such as yours and WE WILL fight to stop some council scum from taking the rest of our rights away from us. Court actions such as Biellos and Prices are the answer and are forcing cracks in the UBC nut sack.Despite your repeated attempts at discouraging injunctions and court actions in favor of BS petitions and help from the AUD that was never promised members were smart enough to proceed and have achieved a level of success. I can promise you that more injunctions are to come despite your propaganda BS.
     Restoring the Locals and extracting our members from Council and UBC control is the only viable choice until a corruption free working system can be offered as a choice. We have none. Any local dissolved should be filing against the UBC in Federal Court and an appeal to the UBC International is a must. McCarrons right to dissolve must be challenged and stopped Local Officers should be retaining Local attorneys to protect their members and to stop the Council take overs. Court challenges by the Locals to extract themselves for the yoke of McCarrons Councils must be filed. Let us have a Federal Judge decide if the UBC has the right under the constitution to seize our Locals instead of the word and opinion of some stumpy little UBC rat or some loud mouth UBC prick such as Spencer,Glen or Garrison.