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vwjust?  He was great. There were several superb members who spoke.  I was very proud.  As we gain momentum and many different groups organize, these educated educated members need to come together.  

Walsh said that the NYCDCC's website is a waste.  It has the potential to serve the members so much better, he will keep an eye on it and if it continues to be a dead zone of valuable information, he will pull the plug.

The meeting was 4 hours, dozens of members spoke, Walsh is wondering why his hotline is not ringing.  

He plans to have this type of forum every month.  

If you can get 10 people or more to represent one issue or the other, he and his staff will meet with them.

If you have suggestions on how to improve things, you should email him.  

There are three people that will shape the future of the NYCDCC: Doug McCarron, Judge Berman, and Dennis Walsh.  He said he is waiting for UBC to submit "plans" for local 395/full mobility.  

For now, nothing can be done.  Full mobility has been discussed, seems ALL contractors want it, but as of now its just a "concept".  This is the time to get your say, don't fall asleep now.