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— by bill lebo bill lebo
I was extremely impressed with the forum, I think that Dennis was very forth coming with any information he had. It showed to me that he wants to further understand our needs so that he can make educated decisions that he will need to make in the near future. I believe he cares about this membership. The mere fact that he had the intestinal fortitude to call the meeting, stand in front of us (a crowd the can be at times dangerously abusive)(just sayin)with information that might not have been received too well, shows me alot. I believe when he knows something about any unanswered questions, he'll let us know as soon as he can. I think one important message he sent home is we all need to send Judge Berman at the District Court letters with our concerns reguarding the trusteeship, elections, contracts, the delegate system, transparency, corruption, how you feel about the UBC's behavior, and whatever else you might want to say. I think it'd be important to start this immediately. I look forward to any future forums. I think it was extremely productive and that we got more true information than we have since the onset of the trusteeship. Bravo Dennis.