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The reference to Harrington vs Chao I believe was a hint to the members bringing actions to the Court. In Dennis' 1st interim report he clearly defines the "functions" of the DC. Many of these "functions" are the "functions" that were traditionally those of the local unions. In reality, the local unions have no "functions" anymore, other than collecting dues, holding monthly meetings and electing officers who basically only run the meetings, keep records, and deal with whatever monies the DC allows them to keep, and that the locals are really no more than satellite offices of the DC. I believe it would be fair to say that it would be fairly easy to prove to the Court that the DC is not an intermidiate body but a local union by its "functions" and therefore has to be held under the laws the LMRDA and LMRA prescribe for a local union, (rank and file elections for all officers, dues, bargaining etc.).