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Re: Full Mobility, OWL, Future Contract, 50-50
— by Ted Ted
Anon - did you drop your report card in a puddle, the dog ate it?

Back to the same tired old modus-operandi, reposting others works....c'mon kid, can't you do better than this & the immature's seriously time for you to grow could be man.

You could not hold a candle to the the guys here which you regularly disrespect and insult - the field or white collar side, or with the legal affairs. I have watched them run circles around you, on all sides, all fronts and yet you persist running  your mouth.

Bottle fed, not enough hugs & kisses when a kid or were simply abused, so now to feel good, you abuse & torment others. Either way, go get some help. Call CAPS, maybe they can find you a good shrink & you can hit print on all these blogs & posts.... and bring your answers too.......the shrink will say kid, we need to see you for the next 18-months, 2-days a week, get you on the right med's.

p.s. Labor Organization facts - see posts in support of Mr Dorrough.....let it go, you were proved wrong there and prior to that multiple times.