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Re: Full Mobility, OWL, Future Contract, 50-50
— by Ted Ted

I found the 67% rule interesting in that the Company can still up the precentages via skills manipulation.

Also noted, page 6, Item 7 - Judge Haights Order on maintaing the status-quo on the Current CBA set to expire in June remain in full force & effect, pending review with the Court.

Question - Why has R.O. Walsh not addressed the PLA $7.54 Wage & Benefit reduction which the Council handed to BTEA & the Owners/Developers & Contractor Associations?
Same holds for the $2.13 Unilateral Wage Freeze by Frank Spencer.

Per this 2009 OWL Ruling & contempt order against Thomassen & the Council, seems to me that the Judge made the Order amply clear. Are they simply ignoring it at will or have subsequent appeals & rulings issued forth from the new Judge? What did I miss?