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Re: Full Mobility, OWL, Future Contract, 50-50
— by Ted Ted
Anon - your age, lack of experience & wisdom is now showing through. You cannot address what you know nothing of. Go get some real experience with a competent GC or CM, learn to listen more, talk less and then you may learn something from the older & wiser men around you & here at this blog.

You would not last in management for any length of time with your attitude and antics.

Report Card - ANON

Does not play well with others, Does not listen, Does not respect his elders, Does not learn from his mistakes, Does not Follow Direction.

Potential - could be tapped, pending above & attitude change.
Probability for Advancement - On hold, review in 12 months
Maturity - lacking

This is constructive crtiticism & it is your choice. Time will tell if you heed solid advice.

ps - before you post things like this, forget the encyclopedia, that will not help you. Utilize the internet & spend some time researching & studying the things posted where your lacking in experience/lnowledge. You will learn a lot.