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— by Ted Ted
What will be done with workers from companies whose workers vote to become unionized.....Good Point anon.

That would be the point of some Organizing....for that rare company. Still however, there need be a bit of specific Journeyman type upgrades for the newly signed Company men, their critical staff....super's, foreman, PM' etc as to the way Unions are run, a bit of Labor History, Benefits Programs, differing views toward safety, quality etc. and the UBC does not give them's more of have at it. Then we are left to deal with the leftover attitudes of a foreman or super perhaps who didn't vote to go Union.

All Councils should have evaluations on the Organizers & the return we get in man-hours for each, at a minimum every 2-years, no more. Has he or she turned any Contractors? If so, what is the benefit to the rank & has to be quantifiable and there has to be accountability, another words - a cost/benefit analysis as to their actual contribution.

As far as PLA's with a base $7.54 an hour reduction to wages & bennies....I am for the men. The CBA's are afterall a "contract". The UBC through Spencer has no right to issue Unilateral Changes withe the Contractors he shares the same bed with (hope they change the sheets) without bargaining to impasse - period.

When there is no BARGAINING, there can be NO IMPASSE, hence it is illegal under the NLRA & via Supreme Court precedent. Moreover, on top of that, there comes an additonal $2.13 per Hour Unilateral Wage Freeze by Spencer, that too is illegal per the aforementioned item.

So Frank Spencer just illegally gave away $9.67 per man-hour on PLA Projects via autocratic fiat....another words via the decree granted by Doug McCarron under his unfettered DICTATORSHIP......directly under the Nose of the U.S. Attorney while the NYCDCC is inder a Federal-Civil RICO Consent Decree??

Anon, there are many, many ways to structure PSA's or PLA's without giving a nickel of the rank & file's pay away. Where were the negotiations with the Project Owners & Developers, the Design Teams, Structural Engineers, Architects, MEP designers to package their services, coordinate structural designs, perform value engineering and have a Master Plan phasing of like Projects?

When did they discuss crticial path scheduling of these jobs, shift work, acceleration of scheduling and manpower loading given the vast unemployment for all trades and the lower material costs in this downturned economy? I saw none of that discussed and people have to ask why?

From what I saw, the BTEA drove the negotiating process & none of this was even considered. Right away - it was the old boys club going, how can we take advantage of these clowns right now....let's take it off the back of Labor....their dopes, they'll buy it.

Guess what they no real world business experience or competence exhibited by the fearless leaders of NYCDCC here....just caved, sold the guys out. And why you ask, because their fat checks keep coming in no matter what they do. Funny, didn't see any other Trade Union in NYC caving in on any wage or benefit concession in the PLA's posted on the BTEA site but the Carpenters.

You glossed right over those points...didn't even touch them. Why?