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Re: Full Mobility, OWL, Future Contract, 50-50
— by Pete Pete
I don't believe I said that companies "embraced the union spirit". Seems to me your reply was just pasting my post, why did you stop and make that point up? Yes there is an occassional relative who knows nothing, but , compared to shit that more than occassionaly comes off the list, it is'nt even worth mentioning. The saddest of all facts is our membership is two classes of workers and alot of good men will rot on that fucking list because of the shit. The economy has alot to do with the wait for a job, but, when a qualified worker is 5364 on the west side alone you can bet your ass that alot of unqualified,make a quota, no tool having, should never have been let in the union garbage is gonna work before him. So, you tell me. The bosses cousin who is not taking up space on the bullshit list or the thousands ( yes thousands)
of hacks that the coalition would not have even represented. You choose.
No hard feelings, I havent read many of your post. I dont believe that we would be to far apart on many issues, maybe we can discuss further over a beer one day.