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— by Ted Ted
You obviously have not been exposed enough to projects where supers & company men get nailed by internal audits for "ghosting employees" or for employing the 1099/cash workers or the illegals & the owner comes in & fires the lot of them. When they're publicly traded Construction firms, that will never be reported to the stockholders or to the press.

Ok - so everyone is registered to vote & the UBC organizes every last man who is a carpenter in NY....Call it 50k men for you have it all & what does that get you? Simple - low ball bids, half assed work, more cash workers & more unemployment.

The Project base & Labor market anywhere U.S.A. is only so large.....enough with the Organizing bullshit for a while (take a 3-year hiatus) and focus on the men we do have.....when the District Council achives 95% employment, then & only then shall they open up and consider taking on more Apprentices. We retire a man in 30, not 40 or 50 in.

What is the average no. of man-hours for NYCDCC for the last 25 years? What were the peak requirements for men & man-hours? Identify the highs & lows and put forth a model we can sustain, so we train the best & we keep them steadily employed a min. of 2080 hours a year @95% employment levels.

You will say what do we do when we cannot meet manpower requirements in boom years....simple, we take on prevailing wage workers give them a base 401k contribution & basic health care based on hours worked like eveyone else and when the peak is done, they walk away clean & so do liability for Pension or Annuity....we have them sign a waiver. If in the process we identify potential candidates for later admission, we put them on a list, again like the old days.

Try that model & we'll get back to picking from the cream of the crop of the new recruits & PW workers who may want to check us out from the other side. The UBC's never ending organizing campaign is a giant make work program for a lot of Organizers who simply produce no short or long term results for the needs to end.

When you fail to produce in the private sector - your gone, end of story.....but not in the UBC....30, 40 & 50% UE in some Locals, but they will waste your time & resources chasing & spending money on lawyers chasing down some OT for some illegal aliens working some meaningless non-union site....chicken shit TI work on a 7-11....then some idiot gets the idea to make it a national campaign........and the make work program for unelected & unaccountable hacks continues unabated.

Sometimes the truth hurts anon, and Richards posting of the caselaw behind the 50/50 rules shows that as well as the arrogance of the UBC & Thomassen. It didn't work then & it aint working now.

You got a better model, ok, let's hear a new topic and we'll all be glad to chime in. Try a more proactive approach though. I like many other guys want to hear good ideas and it does not matter whose it is.