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— by Richard Chopp Richard Chopp
From: big ass problem
Date: 20 Feb 2011
Time: 04:34 PM


you forgot one key thing. Our contracts explicitly state that apprentices are suppose to spend 50% of their time on their tools and work with a journeyman. How many do you see that enforce? Never. For the stewards that knew this and tried to correct situation, BA's told them there more important issues. We allowed contractors to use and abuse the apprentice wage scale. The contractors get a wage scale so they can allow for job training. Everyone knows you don't learn the trade in a classroom. You need to fucking practice to learn. But job training is not good for the immediate bottom line for most contractors. Explain to me how you get are allowed to work for 3 years doing nothing but insulation and deliveries, work very little as a 4th year (but because you have the hours from the previous 3 years) as soon as you finish school you become a mechanic. How are they suppose to compete with guys working everyday? They can't! So who the hell is going to work to pay your pension? This is a classic example of the Union catering to contractors, who are so USED to getting what they want. Enforce the fucking contracts! By the way, the apprentice-journeyman ratios have been suspended. All those 4th year apprentices that we all paid to "train" are beyond starving. They are leaving.