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labor tehnial
— by Richard Chopp Richard Chopp
From: you dont know me
Date: 20 Feb 2011
Time: 04:13 PM


we have been losing our market shear of work in NYC and of course we always look to blame our leadership, our business agents, our council reps and of course our organizers but lets get to the heart of the problem. the other day I was on a job and the company called the hall for an apprentice. the next day we got a 4 th year he was there early and with all his tools that was a good sign but that was about it, he had "no skills" oh he was good at delivery's but that was about it. he couldn't frame or sheet rock and watching him trying to use a skill saw was scary. then the company called for another apprentice and we got a 3rd yr " NO SKILLS " after I watch the 3rd yr just trying to put his tools on I thought to myself I wouldn't even pay this guy 10$ an hr never mind what our company must be paying for a 3rd yr package, and this is what we are giving our good signatory contractors, and were losing market share " gee you think " so where did get this 3rd yr and 4 th yr from, with no skills to show for themselves ? oh that's right they came from the ....THE LABOR TECHNIAL COLLEGE.... yea, well the name sounds nice I guess that's good for organizing. food for thought , these are the ones who will be going out as journeymen soon and, these are the ones that are going to be working to help keep our pension funds up so they will be there when we retire. were turning out apprentice with no skills and yet were supposed to compete with non union workers that work for less then 1/2 pay, and yet they work all year round and, we have guys crying about starting work 5 min early, apprentices that don't know what 3... 4...5 is well I guess soon we will have time to walk our dog.