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Re: Full Mobility, OWL, Future Contract, 50-50
— by Richard Chopp Richard Chopp
Ted, Pete:

"over Organize" - I think this an accurate observation.  And since Organizing was taken over by McCarron, can we speculate why he would do this?

Can it be to combat the decline in union membership? The organizing dept. tells us when X amount of jobs b turned over.  we all applaud.  Better yet: how many members were taken off the list because X "turn over" jobs?  Or did we GAIN more members? Many who will be in the list with the rest of us?  

Company men: IF we knew that the best carpenters became company men, I would not have a problem with it.  But c'mon Pete, we all know that is not the case.  Every fucking company crew has the no-nothing guys, the family relatives, the friends, the see-nothing guys, the guys that take all the shit, and THEN you have the able carpenters that carry the load for the rest.  I have wondered how companies put up with so much waste?  We are a UNION, every member in good standing  has to be given the opportunity to make a living.  No ifs and buts about it; we cannot exist as a trade union supporting two class of workers; the continuously working ones and the continuously unemployed.