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— by Ted Ted
Pete - If you have followed my posts to this & other issues, you would see that I believe we over Organize and that we take in too many unqualified members (mud buckets carpenters w/ the K-Mart tools, no skills, no experience, pass the drug test, congratulations...your now a UBC Journeyman).

If we are gonna put our best men in the game - should that not also include the management level, should we not have BA's & Organizers with actual real world business experience?

How does building signs from strapping for politicians, handing out bumper stickers & t-shirts, doing turkey raffles & the occasional volunteer project make you qualified to run & manage a corporation that takes in $600M to $900M per year (round numbers 17-25M Man-Hours @ $35 per hour).

They may be great guys, but it hardly qualifies them to run & manage the men or the funds and that fact, that our managers are unqualified & in many cases inept/incompetent in these matters leads to a similar idea or program for NYCDCC Management - what they apply to the men, should be applied to them by Walsh.

We get a 50/50 rule, they get a 50/50 rule & Walsh as the RO knows what this entails.....the NYCDCC hiring from outside of the UBC &  bringing aboard qualified & competent help to manage the funds. That would apply to the field as well.

How can you be a business manager if you have never managed a business? Some of these people couldn't balance their checkbook, let alone run a company.

There are schelps from the hall & there are those from the the Companies as well, don't kid yourself. I'll take a man with a work ethic who may be lacking in certain skills over a back-stabber or brown-noser any day of the week because you can work with that, a man who shows up on time, who is willing to improve as you can make something of him.

You cannot work with men who sell their fellow union brothers down the river, stab them in the back, stand around shooting the shit in packs while deriding men from the hall....that occurs regularly, all over the UBC guys know it & the
so do the hall guys.

Many of these so called company men, the ones you claim generate all the UBC cash are the ones engaging in the back room deals, paying company guys full rate while making hall guys work for cash under threat of going back on the list & are the same firms doing the wink-wink deals with the illegals & the 1099 crowd.

A lot of these Company hero's you love are the ones who push men to work like assholes w/o the proper tools, safety in place etc....and a lot forgot where they came from - many never should have been accepted into the UBC in the first instance.....the UBC takes in a lot of shitbags from the Non-Union element when these men are 30, 35 + and they bring with them their rat ways of doing things and their rat ways of treating people.

Don't be so damned naiive & pretend you don't know these things.

Instead of talking shit & selling your fellow union brother or sister out, next job, try teaching them something to make them a better worker, unless of course your afraid you will lose your job to them.