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— by Richard Chopp Richard Chopp

"(Company workers) are really the ONES that pump the money into the "funds"

"the truth is we are only as strong as the the money we generate."

"company men who are real union men, ones that are the heart, soul, bread and butter. They are the ones that keep the fucking lights turned on and make it possible for the less hireable to go to the doctor."

To the CHOSEN ones (the ones with a name): Stop recruiting people into a union thats collect dues and allows two classes on workers under its' name.  What is the point of being in a union that cannot in good faith give you an opportunity to make a living?  

Contractors don't go union because they embrace the union spirit.  Unions represent the able labor that they need in order to make money.  The exchange is fair treatment, workable conditions, benefits and ABOVE ALL a living wage.  You seem to have it backwards.