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— by Pete Pete
50/50 with the second 50% being requested by name, is somehow a threat to the union?
If all workers are union and are really the ones that pump the money into the "funds" that make it possible for the 900 hr members to get any benefits, at all, than what is the problem?
Is the idea to keep jobs and the companies that do them union? If so, what good is it to tie the hands of the contractors that choose to be union? The union can only control/punish those companies that are union. So, is it better to chase them away? If all contractors had to be union than there would be no need for the bullshit organising department, would there? The union is an honorable idea, but, the truth is we are only as strong as the the money we generate. The only way we can remain competative is by putting our best men in the game. Often these are men who are affiliated with a company, as long as they are union men who cares how they got there? A steward should be there to keep things under a watchful eye, and all contractors and their men should be audited in some fashion. It is unfortunate, but,  "stupid, lazy, unqualified etc", is not the small fraction that you would like to believe. What you will find is that almost never is that the case with company men who are real union men, ones that are the heart, soul, bread and butter. They are the ones that keep the fucking lights turned on and make it possible for the less hireable to go to the doctor. No offense.