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— by Ted Ted
Your welcome John.

I believe we all need to think Globally and act Locally.....

as in these are Global issues for all UBC rank & file brothers & sisters....what effects one, effects all. Like I said, we are dealing with sophisticated players here (whom we fund & whom work against our collective interests, illegally & at will) who know how to play & how to game the system.

My aim is to expose the not so obvious methods they use to distract members, divide & conquer tactics....while we take the bait & run off to fight, x, y or z....the UBC International laughs while we spin in circles to address something.....meanwhile, they are off in another part of the Country playing an entirely different game in another Court or Jurisdiction.

Recognition of their tactics is step one, your petition with AUD is step 2 & collective input on a more National effort on our part will lead to Identification of the "core issues" impacting all of us.