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Re: You Union Guys are a bunch of Punks !!!!!!!!!!!!
— by Richard Chopp Richard Chopp
Why waste your time here? Why do you give a fuck? who cares what a rat with less integrity than a squirt of piss thinks.  Unions have always had an up hill battle, many people have died trying to do the right things.  It has never been simple, never will be.  it doesn't help that there are rats amongst the good union people, they have made things worse.  With an ever growing global economy, technology, and lack of protection for American labor, we have our challenges.  You left cause you were in it for yourself, ate when you could and then turned around and stole what you could.  So good luck and i hope it pays where it really matters, in the future.  Unions, the last real stand against the total deterioration of American labor.  We go down and so will our country.  It's beyond just a weekly paycheck, but what the fuck would you know about that?