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You Union Guys are a bunch of Punks !!!!!!!!!!!!
— by Scab 4 EVER Scab 4 EVER
You all should be ashamed of yourselves, you cower down to the same people who are ruining your union and kiss their asses like they are the best thing that has ever happened. The Government has never done anything right and you think they are going to save you union from corruption. LOL !!!!!! At what cost, how much money is the judge making to oversee the union, or the federal investigators that all of you punks pay. And right when their emergency trusteeship is almost over BOOM !!!!!!!! Corruption. What a coincedence.

I used to be in the union , I got the phone call that 608 Dissolved into 157. Soon these government assholes that you all slop on their penises like they are the best thing that ever happened will have all of you cowards making 20 dollars an hour.  1st it starts with the PLA's, we have to freeze our wages because the economy is bad, soon it will be like California, where your best buddy Mccarren is from and all of the pay scales will be different. You sheetrock specialists will be making 20 bucks an hour, you furniture fairies will be making 25 bucks an hour, you ceiling cockblowers will be making 30 Dollars an hour. And last but not least you people who have not talent and call yourselves woodworkers will be making 30 bucks an hour.

Keep blowing on MCcarren's Dick and see how far it gets you, the bottom line is 95 % of you people have no fucking talent anyway and probably shouldn't be making anymore than 20 $ an hour because that is all your worth, you have no talent and your a bunch of punks who suck government ass. I would rather hire a bunch of SCABS

And this Fucking Dennis Walsh Guy is pretty fucking stupid looking. Deputy Dog over here. LOL this is who your putting your faith in, you punks couldn't stop a fuckin nosebleed from working.