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Re: Rally April,1st- at 395 Hudson st-Permits are in place
— by Richard Chopp Richard Chopp
 John you said, "I have no illusion that Spencer would resign or be removed, and I really don't care if he stays. He is irrelevant."  
--- I agree and calling for his removal as the main purpose of a rally is futile.

You said, "Review Officer, Dennis Walsh is making all the recommendations and changes taking place, making very good use of his veto power. If it was up to Spencer there would be little change and the 25 council employees who were either forced to resign, retire, fired or just fled would still be here."
--- Again I agree.  That's why demanding a new guy to be appointed makes no sense to me.  Walsh has worked with Spencer and he has taken some positive steps.  I'm more interested in demanding obtainable goals, such as getting delegate minutes, than I am of getting a brand new UBC puppet.    

I have no idea why Spencer was ill prepared.  I think it's hard to feed the UBC crap to an angry crowd.   What we saw was that Walsh answered the questions pose to him and he appeared sincere.  Until supervision ends, we will continue to get a McCarron puppets.  Why are we wasting our time with them?   A rally calling for Spencer's resignation would be a waste of our time.