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Re: Rally April,1st- at 395 Hudson st-Permits are in place
— by John Musumeci John Musumeci
Richard: It is a rally to come together, we can come together and demand Spencer resign as supervisor. The hand out is only a draft, and I wrote it since Donny posted, "Egyptians are on to something."

I have no illusion that Spencer would resign or be removed, and I really don't care if he stays. He is irrelevant, his dismal performance is something that the members can come together on.

You wrote: "Spencer is here for a reason. I'm not supporting him, I'm support the changes that are taking place."

Review Officer, Dennis Walsh is making all the recommendations and changes taking place, making very good use of his veto power. If it was up to Spencer there would be little change and the 25 council employees who were either forced to resign, retire, fired or just fled would still be here.

You also wrote Spencer "was ill prepare for the 157 meeting." How is that possible? Dennis Walsh was not ill prepared. Spencer has been involved with the supervision supporting Forde and all his cronies going back to 2007. Read the letter I sent Spencer in 2009 when the supervision started, he named two criminals, Peter Thomassen, as his assistant and Martin Deveraux, as business manager of Local 608.

Spencer has not been part of the solution, he has been part of the problem.