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Re: Rally April,1st- at 395 Hudson st-Permits are in place
— by Richard Chopp Richard Chopp
So this is NOT a rally to come together, but a call to remove Frank Spencer? OK, I doubt that will happen, but if it did, what are you proposing?  Elections for EST?  So they remove him and bring someone else, what then?  To me, I want a rally to demonstrate that the rank and file are organizing themselves and the rally is just the beginning.  

My opinion: As long has Spencer is not sniffing coke in his office, I think he is step ahead of what the members elected for 12 years.  Spencer is here for a reason.  I'm not supporting him, I'm support the changes that are taking place.  That is not to say I'm singing his praises.  Spencer has made PLENTY of mistakes.  He was ill prepare for the 157 meeting, half answered many of the questions, and looked flustered.   The process has been two step forward, one step back.  But This is not the same DC the Unity Team left behind.  At this moment I don't trust that good honest people will be elected.  A recently merged local of about 11,000 members had its first official meeting.  Less than 300 people show up to this important meeting and you had the likes of Sean Firth leading the hackles. C'mon people! And you want to elect a new EST, ratify contracts? At this moment, those that know about this blog and jawin are a minority.  We need to start reaching those members that have given up, are not informed, and those that don't care.  Initially we are all not going to have the same opinions, that's ok.  We can still come together to show solidarity.