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— by Ted Ted
Sorry I didn't qualify it properly listman...the minor issues should go before the NLRB, the every day garden variety type claim.

The UBC & Council issues I framed are of far more import & significance & should go the route of District/Superior Court & Federal Court pending venue/jurisdiction.

As for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ AGREED, it will take a pispot of dough to perfect the case, like you said before.....$200k..........then its Hi, Glad to meet ya...I get that - the kiss on the way in & the hourly fees & expenses throughout - hence an example of how to start. Blogs, petitions, sidebar meetings will get us so far & we need to build the consensus of the members in NYCDCC, get funded, get some decent attorneys & get this moving. We cannot sit back and talk it to death for 3, 5, 10 years.....we have to act.

Ultimately the whole things comes down to what issues are framed to make a prima-facia case, what are our "Causes of Action". We have to line those out. The three I tied together can be framed within the same case to the US Supreme Court.

The Sup. Ct. will not be deciding a case on the factual matters as those are handled in the lower courts which you well know. I have framed the 3-critical issues which have the most probable success of getting before them. If you win at the District/Superior Court level with those 3 issues, guaranteed appeal from Doug & crew.

The First Circuit Court of Appeals is just Liberal enough to make errors which will get it to the Supreme Court. Point - you can have a great factual case, but if you have an attorney who does not preserve issues for appeal, at the correct time etc, a lot of great cases get tossed due to technicalities & never make to the Supreme Court. You have to reverse engineer the case & the attorney hired has to have that mindframe & have Appellate & Supreme Court experience... a proven/winning track record....

The Vote, Mobility & the UBC Constitution & Bylaws are the 3-core issues which are Global in nature to all UBC rank & file members......all are tied directly to the NLRA & the DOL/SOL's failure to enforce the law as written/amended and the 3-primary issues which Doug McCarron has used to destroy the UBC & become it's unchallenged Dictator.

Do you have any issues higher in priority than those 3? Do you have 3 more, 5 more? I ask this with all deference & respect. What are the top 10 issues? Which ones are most critical to restoring Democratic control of the UBC to the Rank & File brother & sister?

I say we get 10, 20 issues identified, no specific number & take it to a competent attorney, AUD etc & see which ones the attorney can frame together to make the best case for all concerned. You can help us immensely here with your vast knowledge & experience with these matters - so how about it, what say you?