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Members Derail 370 Bylaw Vote
— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
Members at Local 370 Albany NY derailed the bylaw vote which would have given control of local 370 to the UBC International. I was unable to attend the meeting due to falling on my ass on the ice outside the house yesterday.I guess I am getting old after all.
          The members were to vote on the bylaws but the UBC tried to make them sign a sheet with a number next to their name. The ballot contained the same number so they could later tell how you voted. Member James Avalino protested the vote and it was postponed with no definite date for a re-vote.
     The meeting was run by International Douche Bag Thomas" Hatchet Jack" Garrison. Garrison is from St.Louis and sold out his locals and District Council before moving on to NY. Members report he was a rude and obnoxious punk. At one point during the meeting he was screaming at the top of his lungs at a member to shut the fuck up and sit down that he had the floor.The member was challenging his propaganda BS. I wish I had had the a shot at him.
               He brought other UBC International clowns with him who told the members how great the UBC was doing and that we were recovering our market share. What a crock of shit. If it isnt true why just make it up.
   Garrison also made a point to tell the members that everything on my web site was out and out lies. Thank you Mr. Garrison for defaming me in public on record. I cant wait to talk to the lawyer over this one. One thing you can count on with a UBC Officer. Dumb as a box of rocks.It is nice to see they are so desperate.