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Re: The 20/20 Dispatch System Is Here... But Is It Fair?
— by Ted Ted
Good info Richard.

"we provide the infor for the audit trail"

I find that interesting. What I find more interesting is who owns this website & system....who developed it a UBC Insider, does McCarron own it? One of his E-Board members?

Is it owned by a Signatory GC? - Where are the conflicts of interest buried? etc. Is this a word based software program? Looks to me like some kind of canned system, akin to the canned software used to track rfi's, submittals, change orders etc by GC's & CM's.

Most of those proprietary software programs are garbage and they are too easily hacked. The better GC's stay far away from them - it seems we should as well.

By far, the most pressing issue with this system is the "forced submission of the Skills Form, No Beck Notice & forfeiture of Members Rights" via known & long settled NLRB Board Precedent as well as Appeal Court Rulings & Supreme Court landmark decisions,

The UBC & the International and their Attorneys well know this to be true - yet they are doing it nevertheless. Which Senator or group of Senators & NLRB or DOL personnel have they bought off for this privilege?

The new mantra with the current NLRB Board is their interpretation of the NLRA to include some form of statement buried in the text which the rest of us missed; that thus provides them with the False Claim that the Labor Market is an emerging and Dynamic Beast, ever changing and thus one which they must tame via experimentation with Worker Rights cemented into Labor Law long ago.

The new NLRB Board seeks to use the workers as guinea pigs in some grand social experiment. I certainly hop someone from this blog is in touch with the brothers in the PNWRCC, and that they file for an Injunction to delay implementation of the form and its language which clearly & unequivocally violates the NLRA.

McCarron & his crack band of crooked legal counsel hope & pray this point gets by the UBC Brothers & that we take no action - then you acede to their will via default.