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Re: UBC Has Started Seizing Power of The Upstate Locals
— by bill lebo bill lebo
This shit is just fuckin endless. They've destroy everything that ever resembled a union. We took them to court, we went to Washington and tried to change legislation to stop this bastardization of our union. The only thing that has slowed them in NYC is calling them on the Consent Decree. I've got to wonder why the membership doesn't wake up. We need a massive-massive outcry, and it just doesn't happen. Everything McCarron does is for the contractor. The members are just a bunch of ignorant dogs to him and they just don't see it. We have apprentices who think his "getting them involved" by letting them be officers of the union is for them. Who is he kidding he just wants to mold them into more of his mindless rubber stamps. Wait till the first time they say to themselves, hey this isn't right, and then voice it. They'll be booted so fast it'll make their heads spin. McCarron has been spouting off about dwindling market share for decades and everything he's done has made it worse. He's handed over our union to the contractors, he gives them what ever they ask. It's no wonder since he was maybe still is on the board of the Perini Corp. something I believe to be a complete conflict of intrest. I just don't know the answer anymore. I'm helping Mike Biello with the stuff going on here and hoping for the best.