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Re: UBC Has Started Seizing Power of The Upstate Locals
— by Ted Ted
Good Post Richard. Do you have the mebership list from the last Election? If so, it would behoove you guys to get a phone bank going yourselves & contact the decent members of Local 370 to vote against the bylaw demands of the UBC International.

Without the consent of the body, via a secret ballot vote which also assumes the UBC made proper written notification to all 370 members in advance of their takeover efforts - the UBC will not have a chance in Court.

Are you guys applying for a TRO at the District Court level. Not for nothing, even if it is not done as of today, if you or someone else can get into court Monday, prior to the meeting & get it filed & potentially heard it would go a long way toward your case.

This is a classic NLRA Section 7 violation & precedent caselaw requires the consent of the membership.

I don't what your normal avg. monthly turnout is for regular meetings or call meetings with voting - but it would put you in a better position before a Court were you to get a margin of victory of 2-1, 5-1 opposed.

I still believe most consolidation's concern getting control of the funds to hide & cover-up & bring the mobile shredder in to get rid of any & all incriminating doc's from bad and/or illegal investment decisions leading up to the November 2008 crash.

ERISA/EBSA require the archiving of all Fund Financial records for a min. of 6-years. NERCC & benefits fund have willfully ignored this requirement & refuse to disseminate or allow anyone to view financials from 2007 & back. They have only made the shit available after the crash & after the Unilateral change to the CBA & Annuity Fund agreements wherein as of 3-1-09 they refused to pay members Interest on their Accounts, re: to recover Fund Losses totaling $760M....while they are out back shredding doc's for weeks with the mobile shredder.

This was done & is still being maintained with the IRS having an agent camped out in the Fund Offices on a semi-permanent basis (3-DAYS A WEEK).....another words, right under their noses.

Last year they made 18% on Annuity monies and members received a big fat zero, in interest added to their account. This is being done under the auspice of the Fund Improvement Plan, which is nothing more than a coverup for known fraudulent investments which caused the losses from their 35 or so Investment Fund Advisors.

Al this shit is illegal & when you stick your neck out to question it - financial extortion via no work, removed from 4-jobs in a row when soliciting own work, next shall be the goon squad at the house - typical shit for corrupt assholes.

The worst part of this is that they plan to regain every dime lost via fraud, theft, artifice off the members backs and will refuse to pay interest for another 10 years at tehir current rate of recovery.

The seizure & takeover of Locals is for direct access to complete Fund Control so they can keep their dumb asses out of jail. Anyone who files a bonafide charge on the matter in a Court of law won't make the trial date and surely will come upon a very unfortunate accident.

Get your votes in opposition to bylaw changes, file a TRO and at least get it before a judge...probably all you can do at this juncture - preserve your rights.

If you lose on the votes at the meeting Monday, a TRO may be denied.