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UBC Has Started Seizing Power of The Upstate Locals
— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
ON Tuesday Night "Hatchet Jack" Garrison Showed up the the 747 meeting in Syracuse. Tom Garrison is a UBC ax man who sold out his Council and Locals In St.Louis. He then moved on to Oklahoma where just before the convention he was involved in the merger of the Oklahoma and Louisiana District Councils. They forced the merger of the Councils and took the healthy Oklahoma Pension fund and put it in with the Louisiana pension Fund the UBC destroyed.
     Garrison is now the Empire Councils assistant supervisor under the Trusteeship. He has already announced his plans to seize control of Local 370 in Albany. On Monday Night our members are being forced to vote in Local 370 bylaws with wording giving complete control of our local to the Empire Council or lose our charter. Local Officers Sowalski and Blacklock have been calling member to come vote on Monday. They are trying to influence their votes by telling them "if we do not pass these bylaws the UBC is going to pull our charter and dissolve our local".If the UBC has a right to impose bylaws on the Locals and Council as propaganda boy and the UBC claims  why does 370 need to vote at all. Why are they threatening to take our charter if we refuse to vote in bylaws giving the Council control if they are already in control?
  Garrison is going to take over our job dispatching,take over our job sites,take over our participation program,take over our market recovery program with no say of the membership and force 100% mobility.Regardless of the lying BS posted by the Rat Anon we have and do control these things at a Local level and always have.
On Tuesday Night Garrison showed up at the Local 747 meeting in Syracuse and announced that he and the council were taking over the 747 job dispatching,taking over the market recovery program,taking over the participation program and closing the Syracuse training center and selling their building. All training operations will be moved to Rochester and all instructors are dismissed who will not move to Rochester if offered.Garrison promised to build a new training center in Syracuse within three years. Which if true means a training center in Syracuse,The new NYC training center in Yonkers and one more yet unnamed location.
This rat bastard and the UBC have no right to do any of this. 747 is NOT under Trusteeship and the UBC has no right to waltz in and seize control of any local for no just cause.We are not aware of any plans yet by the 747 President or eBoard to retain council and fight this power grab. As we did at Local 370 the Local President should/must be asked to take money from the Local funds ,retain a lawyer and fight for the membership. At local 370 the new President refused and is waiting for the members to do it on their own. We are doing just that.