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— by Ted Ted
As far as I know, NYCDCC is the only UBC Regional Council nationwide with a Civil RICO Consent Decree - and through it, the rank & file UBC members retain the right to vote for EST in direct elections, not via appointed delegate asswipes.

No other Regional Council of the UBC has this right. Since Harrington v. Chao issued, the EST's have only cemented their Dictatorial Control via each successive CBA, allegedly negotiated for the rank & file's benefit.

UBC members in all other Regional Councils have exactly zero rights - as Doug McCarron & his EST's & the Contractors have shit all over the CBA Language, in complete & utter disregard for the NLRA and have written langauge into the CBA's granting the EST's full Dictatorial Control with no check from the Council E-Board allowed.

McCarron's policies have the confirmation & blessing of the NLRB Regional Directors and the Secretary of Labor as none have dared challenge him on what would easily be a winnable case were the SOL or any of her Regional NLRB Direcotrs to bring suit against him. This dictum also includes the OLMS arm of the DOL as they refuse to conduct a legitimate & substantive investigation into the matter - even when presented with primae-facie evidence that the UBC Constitution & Regional Council Bylaws & CBA contracts violate the NLRA Act as written & amended. Both offices have also ignored know precedent cases in the matter and simply refuse to act.

That is the essence of corruption, bought & paid for with your dues & work assessment monies!

NYCDCC is the last vestige of McCarrons Dream - killing New York too, via the elimination of your right to direct Election of EST by the rank & file actual working man.

When he gets this done - he will write his Mein Kempf memoirs Hitler style on some off-shore Island with his stolen UBC monies drawn from all those offshore accounts.

Or, he could write his memoirs from Prison?

What will Conboy do now? Will he sell out the UBC like the Teamsters? Probably....he too needs to go, as he is part of the problem. He will solve nothing for the UBC or for NYCDCC members. His role is to come in as that of the "annointed one", Obama style & he will tell the Judge why Douggie needs this unfettered Dictatorial Regime to go unchallenged and he will use the Teamsters RICO case....the Labor Experiment to demonstrate to the judge that members are too stupid to know what's best for them, that they are too lazy to get out & vote were they given the chance & even if they did vote, they would not comprehend what their vote means or the issues for the greater good - you know, in this challenging new World Order, the Global Economy snowjob (i.e. CUFTA, NAFTA, CAFTA &  dozen other Free Trade Agreements wherein the US mfg. & industrial base, and source of many UBC jobs were shipped overseas to third-world shithole nations)

Conboy, although feigning to be your friend is just another in a long series of good bullshitters & liars & he will sell your ass down the river, or is Hoffa not running the Teamsters again? Members need to read some of these cases & studies on the Teamster RICO suit.

Conjob Conboy at your service.

The best defense is an educated workforce & the UBC hates this website, because you expose the truth & even when members argue amongst themsleves, it is demonstrative proof that members can certainly handle the issues and that they are capable of informed intelligent debate. You guys have to be prepared to take this issue to the Supreme Court & should prepare accordingly.