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— by Joel Cook Joel Cook
Sorry to hear that Joe...  I think by the end of the day I will be back at the back of the list as well.  Dont you just love how the timing works out though?  Just enough days so you go to the back of the list!  

Again with the not using real names LOL... Your name, I have worked for two employers as a member of local 157.  I worked for one for only 3 days, I was at the UN and didn't have my picture license (I had the temp one because I had just moved from Fl and decided to xfer my license at the wrong time) so I couldn't get a pass from security, they laid me off.  Then I shaped a job and worked about 4 weeks, the job ended, they laid me off and asked me back two weeks later.  I worked another 5 weeks and they LAID EVERYONE BUT THEIR FOREMAN OFF.  I kept in contact with that employer for about a year, even after I moved back to Florida.  Mismanagement and a poor economy are why things are the way they are its not actually my fault!  But you can blame me if it makes you feel better, and honestly I am not the best or fastest but I am good and I really enjoy the work.