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That battle is just begining. At Bilello's pre-motion conferance Conboy stated that they are not going to contest Mikes schedule for elections because they know they can't win that battle because Spencer wasted the first 9 months covering up and protecting criminals. Conboy said the International would seek election rule's changes including delegate voting for DC officers. This is clearly an attempt to cause election delays by tieing things up in court. Bilello reminded Judge Berman that we used to have delegate voting for council officers and the disaster that was. First Teddy Maritis dissapeared and never to be found in an apparent Mob Hit. Next Pascal McGinness orchestrated the robbery on the construction of 395 Hudson St. indicted for RICO and banished from NY. And Freddy Devine went to jail for stealing from the membership. He also pointed out that the Delegate body was a rubber stamp for Forde and Thomassen and nothing would have changed with delegate voting. Mike will be fighting for ONE MAN ONE VOTE via membership wide mail-in ballots in federal court but he needs your help. If you want a chance to vote for Mike start writing to Judge Berman and demand membership wide mail-in election and let him know that McCarron is a lowlife dictator. If we can get a court decision for membership voting we can change the entire UBC and save the membership for this Tyrant. THIS COURT CASE COULD CHANGE HISTORY AND GIVE THE MEMBERSHIP CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN. It's time to join together as one and win this fight. I can't wait to cast my vote for Mike Bilello and FUCK DOUG McCARRON.