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— by Daniel J. Franco Daniel J. Franco
The Forde, Thomassen, and McCarron have been working on the removal of the Consent Decree pretty much since they got into their NYCDCC and UBC officer positions. The Consent Decree is not going to be vacated any time too soon. The Consent Decree's continuance was actually reaffirmed with the Forde et al indictment (and will be again with the forthcoming indictment/s). The indictment was in large part the reason for the change from an Independent Investigator (II) to a Review Officer (RO), which has expanded powers over the NYCDCC and the affiliated* local unions (LU). (*The US Judges, the US DOJ and the RO all continue to use the incorrect term 'constituent'. LU's are not constituents of councils; they are affiliates. There is a significant difference between these terms.) The Consent Decree is not likely to be vacated until the government is sure there is NO control by organized crime, which is not just La Cosa Nostra, but any racketeers. I don't see that happening any time too soon.