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— by Richard Dorrough Richard Dorrough
I am done wasting my time with you rat boy.Your a waste of air. AUD Associate. Ten years not working. Your just plain delusional.

   I did not ask for a NYC Carpenter to be removed. I asked for a UBC rat to be exposed and removed. I asked for John to give up your name and not protect some scum bag little bitch who is such a coward he has to hide behind his keyboard like a girl. You have not ever tried to have reasonable conversation with anybody. All you have ever done is run your punk mouth.
   What will you do the next time you have to come out in public wear a paper bag on your head so some girl does not slap the shit out of you. You can start a new unknown faction. You can wear the paper bag and be the Unknown douche bag.
   Do yourself a favor and go tell Franky your his favorite bitch and take that used condom out of your ass so you dont stutter.