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In reply to this post by listman hilti says, -
"what group are you talking about this owl doesnt work"

I reposted what you replied to, where does it say that. Or are you incapable of making sense ?

  Know you've been waiting for that call, and I also know you don't know what to do. I couldn't inagine being in your shoes Joel. ----- But I do constantly. --------Most of us do as to that 25 day thing. No doubt the list is still corrupt. There's been no overhaul to prove itthe status quo has changed.

But with the added complication of having to leave the wife & kids I truly ca't answer you.
What I can say is maybe you'd be employed for a small amount of time greater than 25 days. Not to mention getting a chance to meet with the group formed here in NYC, because we will be taking action.  There simply isn't any more time to waste and we'd love to have you as part of it.

25 days is 25 days when it comes to pension, annuity & welfare.

Or in the alternate are you involved with Hartley & Mcartney in orlando, members for democracy.
Or sign up down south and see what flies !

Good luck and keep us informed, A friend of Dans