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— by Ted Ted
Unless you authored all of the items under the definition of criminal RICO cases, there really is no opinion expressed here by the tester.

At least with criminal RICO - they'd be out, done & doing serious jail time. Greaney & Forde will being doing 11 years at Club Fed, be out in 5 or 6 w/ good behavior & will not forefeit much in comparison to what they stole.

If the prosecutors make the $4M stick, then that will be a different story....on paper. Getting them to actually pay that money back will be something else altogether. Simply put, once out of the pen - no one's gonna hire them & even were that not true, they wouldn't live long enough to pay it back.

It appears to me that the criminal RICO is the only way to go to get rid of McCarron & his E-Baord cronies - and not take 20 years to do it. Think of it - 16 years into a consent many thousands of man-hours of your life have you been forced to waste, after doing your 40-hour a week job....another 20, 30 for some.......and you are not getting paid for it.

Take a poll on this site & see how many men want to keep doing this for another 20 years? You'd be lucky to garner 1% with that much fortitude. I am not saying give up - but simply that at some point there has to be a payoff for all this effort.